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Why does the community need to have a name change?
We are repositioning the campus to function and operate as one continuum of care retirement community – not to continue as two separate communities that happen to share land. Residents have the comfort of every level of care being in one place they have the benefit of calling home. One name is easier to talk about and identify for potential new residents and their families. We are building on the past success of 20 plus years of excellent service and positioning towards a bright future.

Won’t Someren Glen Retirement Community create confusion for people, including residents and family members?
We’ve been talking with residents, staff and family members for many months about the new identity and have involved each group in the selection process. A group of residents and staff have worked very hard on how to internally reference the two physical spaces on campus under the community name Someren Glen, the building closest to the mountains will be Someren Glen West and the building closest to Arapahoe Road will be The Suites at Someren Glen East. In the greater community the one name will lessen confusion as people learn to see the campus as one retirement community.

When will we see the name Someren Glen Retirement Community go into effect?
The change officially goes into effect on Thursday, September 19th. At that time staff will begin wearing new uniforms and nametags. Signs on campus will be changed out as will the signage on campus vehicles. New marketing materials will be printed and the new website  www.SomerenGlen.org and a Facebook page will be launched. The phone will be answered Someren Glen Retirement Community as well. We will then continue in the following weeks to update forms and community listings. You will also see Someren Glen Retirement Community advertising in your local newspaper.

Will Someren Glen Retirement Community still be part of  Christian Living Communities?
Yes. Someren Glen operates on the foundation of Christian Living Communities, carrying out its mission to enrich the lives of seniors with compassion, dignity and respect on a daily basis with every action and decision made in the community.

There are many considerations and decisions that affect a senior living community’s repositioning. In looking towards another successful 20 plus years we wanted to better reflect the work done to unify the campus as one retirement community, operating and functioning. Read More…

September, 2013 Dear Friends, These are exciting times in the Christian Living Communities (CLC) family. We’ve successfully completed all of the renovations at our Clermont Park Retirement Community and our Holly Creek Retirement Community is near capacity as more area. Read More…

There was plenty of energy and zeal on hand when 17 children from the Matsiko World Orphan Choir performed songs and dances earlier this week at The Johnson Center/Village and Holly Creek communities. Residents enthusiastically welcomed the visit. In addition. Read More…

Our community has been buzzing with Life Enrichment events this week. We are grateful for the opportunities we have in creating memorable experiences for our residents. Highlights of the week were and will be: Girl’s Night Out with our JC. Read More…

Some 90 residents and staff of The Johnson Center/Village enjoyed a special treat last week as members of the U.S. Marshals Posse Rocky Mountain Chapter stopped by with their horses. The group promotes good horsemanship and community involvement. The seven. Read More…

July 9, 2013 | Posted in Updates & Events | Leave a comment

One of the major headliners and main topic of conversations at The Johnson Center and The Village are our ducklings! Our 10 ducklings have fascinated our elders, team members and visitors. Our ducklings hopefully will be with us all summer. Read More…

Seven avid cyclists represented Christian Living Communities as “Team CLC” among 3000 total riders at the recent Bike MS Colorado – a major fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. MS is an often disabling disease of the central nervous. Read More…

  Dreams do come true as a resident at The Johnson Center/Village, a CLC community, recently found out. Marilyn Shrout is a huge fan of international recording star Josh Groban. Recently when asked “What is on your bucket list?” she. Read More…

Warren along with other residents and team members from The Johnson Center and The Village enjoyed an afternoon rooting for the Rockies at the June 13th game against Washington Nationals.

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