How to Prevent Falls

Falling is a very real fear for many older adults. One fall can result in a broken hip or cause some serious pain.

The National Institute on Aging provides these very helpful steps you can take to prevent falls:

  • Stay physically active.
  • Have your eyes and hearing tested.
  • Find out about the side effects of any medicine you take.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • Stand up slowly.
  • Use an assistive device if you need help feeling steady when you walk.
  • Be very careful when walking on wet or icy surfaces.
  • Wear non-skid, rubber-soled, low-heeled shoes, or lace-up shoes with non-skid soles that fully support your feet.
  • Always tell your doctor if you have fallen since your last checkup, even if you aren’t hurt when you fall.

For more details, visit this page on the National Institute on Aging website.

Also, you’ll find great tips on how to stay healthy at their Go4Life website. September is Go4Life month!

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