It Takes A Community

IMG_1345_editedDuring the annual Masterpiece Living (MPL) Lyceum, much was shared around the benefits of community for aging successfully. Research show that people age better and live longer when supported by strong communities.

We believe that older adults can grow and develop physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. Critical to that “wellness journey” are communities like Someren Glen that encourage and foster healthy opportunities for growth and challenge.

The health of any community is determined by the sum of its parts. Someren Glen, in partnership with Masterpiece Living, provides a “Lifestyle Review Process” for residents, team members, volunteers and family members to clarify and cast vision for personalizing our journeys toward successful aging.

MPL provides additional insight from research and experiences in 80 other MPL communities to fuel that pursuit. Community members even have access to personal follow-up sessions to help establish a healthy lifestyle.

The process helps Someren Glen grow and adapt as a community and as an organization as its practices, policies, programming and language are closely examined and improvved. That makes us stronger as a community and as a catalyst for successful aging.

Someren Glen, together with other MPL communities, contribute a growing body of knowledge useful in influencing public policies on aging, educating those who serve older adults and encourage us all to adapt lifestyles that lead to successful aging and toward a better world.

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