Regaining Independence

Faye3 smallFaye Johnson might be new at Someren Glen Retirement Community, but she hasn’t wasted any time meeting neighbors and getting involved. To look at her, it’s hard to imagine that only three months ago she suffered a serious fall resulting in a broken hip, leaving her unable to care for herself.

Just weeks before the accident, Faye and her daughter were looking at area retirement communities, wanting to plan ahead. As they walked through the door at Someren Glen, both women were overwhelmed by the beautiful colors, warm surroundings and friendly people. As Faye’s daughter was getting information about the community, she noticed her mother surrounded by residents. “She’s already made five new friends and she hasn’t even moved in yet.” They decided to put her name on the waiting list for a residential living apartment.

But Faye’s accident a few weeks later meant she might never live independently again. Her immediate need was to receive rehabilitation therapy. Even though she has many friends in other communities, she decided on Someren Glen for rehab.

Thanks to the professional care and personal support of the rehab team, Faye’s health and healing progressed rapidly. In the span of three months, Faye moved from a hospital bed to a suite for therapy and ultimately into the residential living apartment home she’d originally reserved. “The people that helped me with my rehabilitation have already come to visit. It feels like home.”

Faye has recovered her independence and has begun walking without any assistance. “I’d heard many people my age don’t recover from falls like mine, but that’s not my story. I’m living independently again, thanks to the team at Someren Glen.”

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6 Responses to Regaining Independence

  1. Tom Johnson says:

    Great job Mom. We knew you could do it. Somerenglen was a great choice. Thanks again Doug Thompson and staff for helping with this transition getting Mom back her independence.

  2. jane romanov says:

    You are one strong stubborn lady as we have always known, and still beautiful.

    We hope to see and/or talk to you soon.



  3. Violet Joyce king says:

    I’m interested in Independent Living-does your facility offer this?

  4. Ilona Wagner says:

    My mother is in need of skilled nursing. Do you have this?

    • Someren Glen says:

      Hello Ilona. We do! Please give us a call at 303-900-5016 and we will be happy to give you all the details you need.

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