“When I invite my friends to see my home, they always comment how welcoming and comfortable the community is. I and many of my friends have lived here for years, and we are all so happy. We have as much freedom as we want, and yet there are people here who are concerned about us. I know the staff members really care about me.” Marilyn Shrout, resident since 2005

“There are so many different activities that sometimes it’s difficult to choose between them. I like the site-seeing outings, the educational lectures and the exercise classes in particular. In fact, this morning I went to a great lecture by an art historian – to learn any more, I’d have to go to Europe!” Leona Janitell, resident since 2008

“I feel that the staff perceives me to be a personal friend rather than a patient or someone for them to take care of. I offer them insight and they offer me friendship as well as the help I need. It is a mutual relationship.” Harold Houser, SG resident since 2010

“So much has happened to me since moving here . . .Volunteering was the best thing. I now have 600 hours, and do you know who receives the best benefit from it? ME! There is so much to do for so many. My life has been enhanced in so many ways.” Golda Yates-Tyler, resident since 2004

SG Enriched Life