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Posted: November 5, 2021

Everyone has a unique perception of the ideal lifestyle, and for many, reaching the age of retirement offers an opportunity to realize lifestyle goals. For some people, the perfect lifestyle means having the time to pursue new horizons or being able to enjoy the relaxing and entertaining pastimes we’ve always loved.

“Exceptional, satisfying living is often an art form,” says Robin Heppler, director of sales and marketing at Someren Glen. “For some, it may take some time to learn exactly how they want to live in this unique chapter of their lives. Our goal is that when people move in with us, they see that the art of aging is really the art of continuing to live.”

She explains that Someren Glen is a unique community because of its distinctive layout: “Residents who are in independent living and assisted living share the same social and dining spaces.” This supports residents creating friendships regardless of the neighborhood where they live, or residents’ changing abilities. This makes it easier to envision the transition from independent living to assisted living, should a resident need more support.

A fulfilling retirement lifestyle often comes with false starts and trial and error, but eventually, you can discover what drains your energy and what makes you feel alive. However you envision your ideal retirement, the team at Someren Glen has an endless supply of ideas to help older adults find the perfect combination of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation during their retirement years.

The Elements of Living Well

At Someren Glen, we believe that living well begins with looking inside yourself. Every one of our residents is a unique individual, and their ideal lifestyle is as well. Not every retirement means an overflowing number of assets or settling into an exotic location. For most of our residents, it’s much simpler than that.

Rest and Relaxation

As you think about what the art of living well looks like, be sure to include elements that add relaxation to your days. Residents have worked hard all of their lives, and it’s time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. We encourage them to embrace everything Someren Glen has to offer. Whether it’s relaxing with a book, taking a walk, or enjoying a long lunch with a close friend or family member, these activities provide an opportunity to recharge. Now is the time to achieve the balance that may have been elusive when residents were younger.

Resident Dot agrees: “Been there. Done that. I can handle owning a house. I just choose not to…. This is our time to enjoy!”


There is plenty of fun to be had for residents at Someren Glen. Life Enrichment calendars for both assisted living and independent living are full every day of the month, with opportunities for residents to continue their hobbies, try new ones, continue to learn, or creatively express themselves.

Because programs, including the fitness center, chapel and dining area, take place in the common area of the community, residents have the opportunity to see, socialize and enjoy time with everyone. Residents who make the move from independent living to assisted living because of increased care needs can continue to see the same friends and participate in the same programs and get the added support they may need. The current calendar includes activities such as fitness and exercise, music, educational topics, bridge, Wii bowling, church, Broncos game parties and more.

Not all activities take place under the Someren Glen roof. Residents recently enjoyed excursions outdoors for Movie Night on the Glen, as well as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and a Colorado Rockies baseball game. Resident Cal says, “I love going to Brain Boosters, Brain Games and all the outings that are made available here. It is important to work my brain because I’m a firm believer that you have to ‘use it or lose it’.”

Don’t see your favorite program on the calendar? Have ideas for something new? This resident-led community welcomes suggestions from new and seasoned members of our community alike. As Robin points out, “The community belongs to the residents. We get a variety of people from all different backgrounds, and the beauty of it is they get to contribute all of their unique gifts and talents to create the community we have. Residents are not just sitting idle; they are actively planning the way our community looks—and what its culture is like. Resident involvement is vital to ensuring that our community members are indeed living well.”

Social Connections

It’s no secret that many older adults can become socially secluded. The truth is that living well rarely occurs in solitude; people need people. This doesn’t mean a perpetually full social calendar, but it does mean having the opportunity to make connections with other people to boost mental and physical health. “One can be as busy as desired or as alone as desired,” says resident Marilyn.

“Often as people grow older, it becomes more difficult for them to get out and socialize,” says Robin. “Perhaps their vision has failed them, so they are no longer comfortable driving. At Someren Glen they have a place to invite their families—or their bridge club—as a great place to entertain.”

Whether residents choose to visit family, join a club or volunteer, or meet up regularly with their best friend, these social connections are essential for living well. Someren Glen resident Jean says that “there is an abundance of activities, physical exercises and faith-based meetings to meet the needs of the residents.”


A sense of purpose is a crucial element to living well that cannot be overlooked. Purpose can elevate every other part of a person’s life, filling it with meaning and contentment. Residents find purpose in many things: volunteering, spending time with grandkids, pursuing a new hobby or simply chatting with team members and other residents. Some of the resident-led activities that provide purpose include the Resident Knitting Group, which made socks for the homeless. The Creative Writing Group is a collaboration of both residents and team members and provides an outlet for creative types. The Give Unto Others Committee is constantly in search of ways to give back. The Resident Welcome Committee strives to welcome new residents and help them to feel at home from the moment they move in.

Having a sense of purpose leads to a more positive outlook on life, which can enhance mood and decrease stress—and contribute to better physical health.

Dee, a resident at Someren Glen for more than a year, describes it this way: “Senior living doesn’t have to be a means to an end. It can be a purposeful, engaging, rewarding way of living…as life-long learners and teachers, [we] are able to use [our] assets as we continue on this journey, and by doing so, we become fulfilled.”

Living Well at Someren Glen

Older adults may be surprised to discover a lifestyle of living well when they move to an assisted living or independent living community. At Someren Glen, we like to think that we’ve embraced the art of living well by providing a community where older adults partner with team members to collaboratively contribute to the success of an evolving culture and operation of a community. Rather than limit what residents can do when they move here, we’ve made our community a gateway to the possibilities of enjoying the art of living. Each resident gets to decide what that looks like for them, and we provide the resources to help them get there so they can thrive.

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